LDRDO is a  music project for music producer and songwriter David Levi. 

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Tel-Aviv, LDRDO fuses. funky grooves and soul music alongside middle eastern guitar riffs and flavours from his childhood upbringing.

"Lost In The Fire" was born during Covid-19 times while general lockdown was taking place, therefore the whole production and songwriting process was made in total isolation.

After getting great response for "Lost In The Fire",both from fans and media, a new single by LDRDO is out now- "This Is How I Feel".

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The soundscapes on LDRDO's debut EP are as various as the music scene of the artist's home town” - MangoWave


we will definitely remember this album amidst a sea of ​​new waves of indie music.” - Indie Dock Music Blog

Indie Dock Music Blog

"LDRDO’s “W. Monroe” features spoken word vocals over a groovy, modal riff that sticks in your head all day"” - Casey Fitzmaurice

Glasse Factory

It’s the groovy guitar riffs that will bring you inner calmness.” - Jaye Maverick

Rising artists blog