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Blind, Istanbul

LDRDO Live @ Blind Istanbul

Tel-Aviv, Israeli LDRDO, (pronounced El Dorado), whose songs have appeared in almost all Instagram and reels videos lately, will give their first concert in our country at BLIND, Asmalımescit's newest live music venue.

The Israeli musician, whose real name is David Levi, combines funk, groove and Middle Eastern notes with Turkish psychedelic sounds and Greek tones and blends them instrumentally with guitar. The artist, whom we know and listen to a lot with her song "W. Monroe", which has recently come to the fore on social media, will take the stage at BLIND in Beyoğlu on Saturday night, April 20,2024

The highlight of LDRDO's music, whose tracks are diverse yet immersive and texturally rich in sound design, is his ability to blend all the aforementioned genres into a truly unique and personal aesthetic. Psychedelic effects are seamlessly woven into their compositions, resulting in a perfect harmony that is both soothing and energizing at the same time.

LDRDO, who also recorded the highly acclaimed "Alto Mare" with the Turkish duo DERUN, will continue to fascinate the audience with the lively and eclectic sound of his soon-to-be-released first full album "On The Road".

LDRDO believes that music gives people the power to live new experiences and travel far, even if only with their minds and hearts. Hence his motto: "Music is my aeroplane". Music has the magical ability to transport people to different places. For this artist, perhaps it's a way to soar above the world and find a gold mine of creativity and opportunity! Take your seat to witness the fascinating performance of LDRDO.

350 TL